Spiral Advanced

Innovative structure with three sandwich belts, combined with Spiral 0° Belt.

Dual Layer
Tread Compound

Dual-Layer Tread Compound with High Silica content. Different blends for internal and external compounds, to deliver the best performance trade-off. Internal compound with mechanical and hysteretic properties.

Hexagonal Bead Wire

Innovative structure and components with honeycomb bead core giving higher resistance to tension and flexibility to the whole structure of the bead.

Shoulder Rib

Innovative shoulder tread shape allowing a more balanced pressure distribution and abrasion uniformity. The rebated shoulder contour by changing the local ground pressure improves even wear and increases tyre life.

Bead Wrapped

Reinforced bead (steel chafer) for high resistance to lateral impacts even in severe load conditions.

Super High
Tensile Cord

Cords with higher resistance (from NT to HT) and better stress distribution.

Cutting Edge
Italian Technology

Next-gen machinery and industrial equipment

Best-of-breed sustainable
raw materials

Designed in Italy